MyPasswords is a program designed to help you use your passwords.


When you first start MyPasswords, you will see an icon in the System Tray in the bottom right corner of your screen.
Double click on the MyPasswords icon and the Password Table dialog appears. The dialog contains 3 combo boxes: LocationUser Name and Password.Type in a descriptive name for the location where the password is going to be used. Type in a user name and password. If you have already defined the user name or password for another location, you can select the same user name or password with the drop down buttons. Once all three fields are filled, the Add Location button and Cancel Location are enabled. Click on Add Location to add the new location to the list of locations. 
After the password table is filled, you can select a location. Click on a location and you see the the User Name and Password for that location. Double click on a location and the password gets placed in the clipboard. Double click is equivalent to a click on a location, followed by a click on the password, followed by a Ctrl C. Go the web site requiring the password and press Ctrl V to paste the password.When a location is selected, the two buttons change their names and functions to New Location and Delete Location. When an unknown location is entered, the two buttons change their names and functions back to Add Location and Cancel Change
Right click on the MyPasswords icon and the MyPasswords  menu appears. Click on Password… is the same as double clicking the MyPasswords icon. It brings up the Password Table dialog. Setup brings up a setup dialog.
About MyPasswords… displays an about dialog.Exit quits the program. 
Setup MyPasswords is for enabling a super password.

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