CleanBuildLogoiCleanBuild is a program to clean the directories in a source tree before rebuilding your program. Many IDEs provide a clean function that almost cleans the tree. You usually find that you have to delete extra files and directories or perform a new download from your source control program to get the “Clean” source tree. CleanBuild allows you to define your clean using a graphical interface. I usually add CleanBuild to the tools menu in the IDE.


CleanBuild allows you to delete complete directories and to delete specific directories and files while cleaning. Deleted files are placed in the recycle bin. Cleaning is done recursively within the specified directories.

The first list control contains the absolute paths of directories that will be deleted along with their contents. You should place your build release directories in this list control.

The second list control contains the absolute paths of directories that will be cleaned. You should place your Source Depot client paths in this list control.

The third list control contains directories and files that will be deleted if they are found while searching recursively through the directories that are in the second list control.

Objects can be added and removed from each of the list controls by using the buttons underneath the list control. The remove buttons are only enabled if an object in the list control is selected. Only objects that are checked will be cleaned. The program saves your settings in the CleanBuild.ini found in the same directory as the executable.

You can run the program without the user interface by adding /s.

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